More than 100 Posts for Docs Remains Vacant in Ramechhap

  September 10, 2016 By: INSEC

The District Health Office of Ramechhap said that there has been more than 100 posts for doctors remains vacant. The health services have been affected after doctors were not appointed to the vacant posts.

According to the chief Prakash Prasad Shah of Ramechap District Health Office, in the district,  106 posts for doctors are vacant. This has created difficulties in management and providing services to the patients according to Shah.

He said that letter has been sent to Lok Sewa Commission for the fulfillment of the vacant posts. The problem was created after all staffs were transferred at the same time, he said.

Recently, 35 health personnel were transferred in other health organizations at the same time and new staffs were not sent to the vacant posts which created the problem according to him.




Nawa Raj Pathik