Monitoring of Provincial Office by the Executive Director of INSEC

  January 10, 2023 By: INSEC

Executive Director of INSEC; Bijaya Raj Gautam, monitored INSEC Lumbini Provincial Office Nepalgunj on January 9, 2023.

Executive Director Gautam held a meeting with the INSEC Lumbini Province Office’s staff to get information about the work status under the action plan.

Program Officer; Saraswati Malla, Documentation Officer; Vinod Pandey, and Project Officer; Teknath Acharya presented their projects’ completed and ongoing activities.

INSEC Province Coordinator; Bhola Mahat, presented the analysis and statistics regarding the Human Rights Situation in the province along with the plans formulated by the province office. 

Likewise, Karnali Province Coordinator; Narayan Subedi reported on the completed and ongoing projects in Karnali Province Office.

Executive Director Gautam suggested each province maintain a yearly record of work and tasks done in coordination with the local and provincial government. 

Executive Director Gautam met and discussed with trainer Sushil Chaudhary regarding the forum theater workshop planned in Nepalgunj.


INSEC Lumbini Province Office, Nepalgunj