Mobilize Health Workers to End Death of People Without Treatment: INSEC

  May 13, 2021 By: INSEC

INSEC has drawn the attention of the government to mobilize health workers, improve the infrastructure of the hospital, and increase the number of beds to stop people from dying without treatment.

An appeal released by the Chairperson of INSEC, Dr Indira Shrestha demands the local level to increase efficiency for COVID test and isolation construction.

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has taken a dangerous form in Nepal.

The appeal says- ‘According to the news published and broadcast in the media and the monitoring conducted by INSEC, patients have died due to lack of oxygen and lack of beds across the country. Analyzing the information of the Ministry of Health and Population, the risk of infection has increased day by day and it has not decreased. Administration offices in 73 districts of the country have issued prohibitory orders.’

Given are the concerns raised by INSEC through the appeal

  • Oxygen plants in Nepal should be operated without any hindrance and arrangements should be made for easy supply to the hospitals. According to doctors, providing oxygen to most infected people can save lives.
  • The construction work of the 1,000-bed COVID Hospital announced by the government should be accelerated.
  • It is necessary to mobilize health workers, improve the infrastructure of the hospital, and increase the number of beds to end the deaths of people without treatment.
  • The local level should increase activism for COVID testing and isolation construction.
  • It is important to pay attention to the safety and comfort of health workers working on the frontline.
  • The prohibition should be strictly enforced keeping in mind the situation of the pandemic.
  • The government should call on international donors to assist in this pandemic.
  • Most infected people are in home isolation. A mechanism for regular consultation should be developed.
  • Our attention has been seriously drawn to the news published in the media that the black market and corruption have taken place even in the midst of the pandemic. Strict action should be taken against the perpetrators in this regard.
  • Political parties must be proactive in mobilizing their cadres to help control the epidemic.
  • The only alternative to control the pandemic is vaccination. The Government of Nepal should take a diplomatic initiative to make the vaccine available.
  • Citizens must strictly adhere to health standards.

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