Misbehaviour on Students During Examination

  July 20, 2022 By: INSEC

A protest erupted in Hetauda Campus alleging that the staff misbehaved with the student in the presence of the police while the staff were checking the students coming to attend the second annual examination of the undergraduate level conducted by Tribhuwan University on July 20, 2022.

The students have protested that two female students participating in the exam centre at Hetauda campus were searched in an abusive manner.

The students have alleged that they were told to take off their inner wear in order to check if they had carried cheats with them.

A group of students protested and padlocked Hetauda campus premises. Some of the protesting students pelted stones at the campus building and even broke the windows.

The examination centre for the students of Makwanpur Multipurpose Campus in Hetauda was in Hetauda Campus.

Public Campus Professors Association Makwanpur Multiple Campus Unit has also protested agaisnt the incident.

Meanwhile, the Hetauda campus administration has expressed its commitment to take action against the guilty by forming an inquiry committee after discussions with the victim students, parents of students, and representatives of student organizations.

The protest ended after an investigation committee was formed and it consisted of one parent and five student organization leaders under the coordination of Campus Chief Dev Chandra Manandhar.

Likewise, after the discussion of campus management, administration, victims and representatives of student organizations, it was agreed that the two office assistants involved in the incident will not participate in the upcoming Tribhuvan University Examinations and any other exams.

All student organizations, including human rights organizations have protested against the violation of personal privacy and violation of human rights.

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Pusparaj Adhikari