Minors Living in Prison Facing Problem Due to Congestion

  May 25, 2022 By: INSEC

Yamuna KC, a resident of Bagchaur in Salyan district, is serving her sentence in Salyan District Prison. She is serving life imprisonment in the prison. Her 23-month-old son has also been living inside the prison’s premises with his mother. She said, “There is no one to take care of the baby at home.’’

Shanti Pariyar, who is also serving a sentence of polygamy in the jail along with KC, has two children living with her in the prison. One of them is just a year old and another is two and a half years old. Children are not even allowed to play freely inside the prison.

Of the eight rooms in the prison, two are occupied by women and six by men. There are 21 women in the women’s block which can accommodate only five people and 98 in the men’s block which can hold only 15 people. Shanti Pariyar has informed that the children were compelled to sleep in a congested environment due to lack of infrastructure.

Most of the inmates of Salyan Prison are forced to sleep on the veranda due to overcrowding. “We even have problems sleeping and eating,” said Nimlal Bista, a prison guard. He said that health problems were seen in the minors from time to time.

Jailor Bal Bahadur KC said that the problem could not be solved no matter how many times he raised the issue. We are in constant correspondence with the stakeholders but no hearing has taken place and nothing has been done.

Meena Budhathoki