Minister of Law and Internal affair in sit-in-protest

  September 3, 2018 By: INSEC

Minister of law and internal affair Gyanendra Kumar Yadav of province 2 is in sit-in-protest infront of the Nepal Rastra Bank main gate in Janakpur.

Yadav said that the sit-in-protest is against the defying of holidays by the provincial government. The cadres of Federal Socialist Forum have been arrested by the police on charge of defying holiday and closing banks. The District Police Office however said that the arrested were already released.

On August 31, the provincial government of 2 had announced public holiday on Krishna Asthami. Nepal Rastra bank, District Administration Office and Court under the federal government are not following the announcement.

Prior to this, on Janaipurnima, the provincial government had announced for public holiday in province 2 however the Rastra Bank defied the holiday and minister Yadav himself padlocked the bank.

He staged sit-in-protest after the police opened the bank by breaking the lock.


Binod Kumar Rabidas