Mid-day Meal Of Class-6 Students Managed By The Rural Municipality

  September 12, 2023 By: INSEC

Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality has planned to manage the lunch expenses on its own after the government of Nepal cut the mid-day meal program for the students of class-6 from the academic session 2023.

The government has allocated a budget for providing daily meals to students only up to grade five starting from the beginning of the 2023 academic session. The rural municipality has taken on the responsibility of managing meal expenses for grade six students.

Nirmala Subedi, the Chief of the Education Branch in Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality, mentioned that a budget has been allocated at a rate of 20 rupees per day per student to provide meals for 250 students in the sixth grade across 13 community schools within the rural municipality.

Chhatra Bahadur Subba, Chairman of Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality, confirmed that the Rural Municipality has decided to impose Rs. 16,50,000 annually  from internal sources to cover expenses of the meal.

Chairman Subba stated that instructions and arrangements have been provided to all community schools within Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality to implement the decision of the reduction in the amount of mid-day meals for class-6 students by the federal government.

Nirmala Subedi, Head of Education Branch of Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality, said that the decision to manage the budget for midday meals starting from August 18, 2023 was made by the Education Committee of Chhathar Jorpati Rural Municipality.

Ishwor Thapa