Memorandum to Prime Minister Regarding Food Crisis

  September 14, 2016 By: INSEC

Dwellers of Kalikot district have presented eight-point memorandum to the Prime Minister on September 14 regarding the solution of food crisis in Karnali region.

On behalf of Karnali dwellers, the memorandum was presented to the Prime Minster through CDO Krishna Bahadur Khadka. The memorandum was presented by a team of Food concern group, media personnel, activists and members from civil society.

The memorandum has also demanded to take back the program of distributing 20 kilos of rice to Karnali people as it has insulted and made them more dependent.  The Prime Minister had announced to distribute 20 kilos of rice to Karnali people while addressing the Parliament on September 9. They have also demanded to increase investment in local agriculture in Karnali region.

“The locals have to rely on traditional agriculture system despite of promoting production like fruits, herbs and hydro has resulted the decrease in production” said regional coordinator Maya ram Mahatara of Concern group. He added that the address of Prime Minister regarding distribution of 20 kilos of rice have insulted the people in this region.


Kali Bahadur Malla