Medication Shortage in the District Hospital

  March 3, 2023 By: INSEC

District hospital in Jajarkot in Karnali Province is experiencing medicine shortage for one months now.

Pateints are facing difficulty owing to the medicine shortage. Even though they visit the medical store with prescription each day, they are compelled to return empty hand and buy the medication from outside.

As per the Pharmacy department, there is a shortage of medicines in the hospital due to the failure to complete the tender process and procurement of medicines for the whole year.

As prescribed by Nepal Government, 98 types of medicines are available free of cost in the government hospitals. However, at present, there are only 20-30 types of medicines in the district hospital.

Insured patients have suffered the most. Sarasawati B.K., 29, from Bheri Municipality-4 stated, ‘I did my insurance hoping that the same would ease treatment costs, however, we are compelled to buy the medicine from outside at high cost.’

As per Nirajan Shahi from Pharmacy department, they have informed the administration about the medicine shortage, but no actions have been taken so far.

Hospital chief Nawaraj Kadel informed that the hospital is facing medical shortage and they have notified the concerned authority about the same.



Dinesh Kumar Shrestha