Medical Hall Selling Unauthorized Medicines Sealed in Baglung

  April 19, 2024 By: INSEC

A project to monitor medical halls was conducted in Baglung with collaboration of various organizations including the District Administration Office Baglung, Department of Drug Administration Kathmandu, Health Office Baglung, Baglung Municipality, District Police Office Baglung, INSEC Baglung, and National Consumer Forum Baglung.

During the monitoring process, Dhaulashree Medical Hall was sealed as it was found that the pharmacy was selling unregistered medicines posing risk to public health. Additionally, it is reported that unauthorized individuals were found treating and distributing medicines without proper authorization. Moreover, the pharmacy was storing and distributing medicines that were not registered with the Department of Drug Administration. Additionally, there were no records kept for antipsychotic medicines.

Ramprasad Upadhyaya of the District Administration Office, Baglung stated that the relevant professionals involved in the Medical Hall are asked to appear in the Department of Drug Administration within three days with valid reasons explaining the activities observed during the monitoring.

Similarly, the Buddha Dental Home on Hospital Road was sealed due to the absence of necessary documents and even the operator. They have also been directed to appear at the District Administration Office within three days.

Srijana Panta