Management Accused Locals for Sabotaging Radio Srinagar

  April 19, 2021 By: INSEC

The management of Radio Srinagar in Adanchuli Rural Municipality-2 has alleged that some locals of Adanchuli Rural Municipality had vandalized the radio on April 16.

Kali Bahadur Thapa, station manager of Radio Srinagar, alleged that 21-year-old Mahesh Mahatara, 25-year-old Subash Bhandari, 23-year-old Jay Mahatara, and 28-year-old Devilal Mahatara of Adanchuli Rural Municipality -2 Srinagar had vandalized and damaged the station.

Manager Thapa has alleged that they broke the batteries of the radio, broke the ladder, broke the wires, threw the teeth on the roof, and also vandalized other materials kept there.

According to him, all the employees were out without talking to the radio administration.

ASI Krishna Bahadur Budha of the Srinagar Police Post said that the accused were arrested on the same day after Radio Srinagar lodged a complaint at the Srinagar Police Post for further investigation.

Nanda Singh