Man interrogated by police on charge of being cadre of “Biplov”

  April 14, 2019 By: INSEC

Police have interrogated 43 years old Raj Kumar Chudal of Aathrai Triveni Rural Municipality-3 on suspicion of being involved in Nepal Communist Party led by “Biplov”. The party is restricted by the government to do any activities. Raj Kumar Chudal was in police watch from a long time however he was released by the District Administration Office in presence of INSEC district representative.

He was being interrogated from time to time by the police by going to his residence according to the victim despite of his clarification that he has left the party long time back. He is claiming that he left the party from one and half year. In an initiation from INSEC district representative a written commitment of not being involved in any activities led by Biplov, Chudal lodged application at District Administration Office according to CDO Arjun Bhandari.

Victim Chudal said that he is free from any political affiliation and wanted to live normal life.

Police said that he was in a police observation from a long time and his activities was suspicious. The District Administration Office said that he was released in presence of Human Rights activists.


Dev Raj Gurung