Man beaten on a witchcraft allegation

  December 4, 2018 By: INSEC

The victim’s party of 65 years old Jageshwor Thakur have accused 28 years old Anjani Thakur and his acquaintances of beating him in an allegation of being witch on December 3.

Few days back, wife of Anjani Thakur was seriously injured in a pressure cooker explosion and she succumb the injuries on December 2. The accused had alleged the victim of being responsible on spelling black magic and killing her.

According to the victim’s family, in the morning of December 3 a group of people came to the victim’s house and charged him with stick in an allegation of being witch.

The victim ran way and saved his life by hiding in neighbor’s house. They further dragged him out from the house and started beating. His son Ajaya Thakur was also beaten after he tried to protect his father from getting injured. He sustained serious injuries on his head.

They are receiving treatment at Health Post in Gaushala. Police post in charge Raj Narayan Yadav said that  the action will be taken against the accused after finding the fact.

Ajaya Kumar Shah