Make Public about the Disappeared People Whereabouts: Commission

  August 30, 2016 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission of Nepal has drawn the attention of the government to search and make public about the whereabouts of disappeared people during armed conflict. The commission said that it is very sad that government has shown its apathy in finding them even after 10 years of peace agreement.

While releasing a press statement on the occasion of International day on protection of enforced disappearance on August 30, the commission has urged government to find out the whereabouts of their civilians who were abducted and disappeared during decade long armed conflict in Nepal.

There were many complaints lodged at the commission and it has investigated and even exhumed body and made public as per necessity. Among the complaints lodged for disappearance in the commission, the whereabouts of 842 people are still unknown.

“Due to the prolonged situation victims are facing unnecessary legal barriers and added psychological effect. The situation is created because NHRC has already recommended for the action against those involved in disappearance however there is a situation of impunity”, the release states.

Ram Kumari Shrestha