Loud Campaigning of Political Parites Affecting Examinees

  May 1, 2022 By: INSEC

Students appearing for examination have complained of being disturbed by the loud and high campaigning of political parties.

Indraman Khatri, principal of Namuna Residential Higher Secondary School in Parbat told INSEC representative that students had problems after various political parties started loud promotion of their parties near the examination centres.

Although the Election Commission has made a rule not to allow loud speakers in sensitive areas, it has not been implemented in the hilly area.

Rameshwar Lamichhane, head of the District Education Coordination Unit, Parbat, complained that the students participating in the SEE examination were also affected by the campaigning.

The district representative of INSEC informed the Chief Election Officer Balram Tripathi regarding the acts of political parties after which he committed on not letting them carry out any activities affecting other sectors and not allowing to violate of the code of conduct.

Currently, Secondary level Education Examination is ongoing and institutional and community schools are conducting final annual examinations.

Santosh Thapa