Locals Suffering Due to Lack of Food

  December 15, 2020 By: INSEC

Locals of Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality-1, Dolpu walk for two days from the village to Pulu Food Depot to get food. They have been forced to walk for a week to transport food from the Food Corporation in the district headquarters Gamgadhi after the depot ran out of food stocks since July.

In Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality-1, Dolpu, only potato, and buckwheat are produced annually. The locals are forced to depend on the government’s subsidized food for the income earned by collecting Yarsha, Gimfu, and other herbs after the produced grains have not been eaten for three months.

Karma Tandup Lama of Dolpu complained that it took him a week to get food from the district headquarters as there was no food at the Pulu depot.

According to him, getting Dolpu from the district headquarters through horse and mule costs Rs 55 more per kg.

According to Pasang Kami of the same village, more money is spent on transportation than the price of food and it takes more time.

The Sharma Transport Service had signed an agreement on September 29 to transport 1,000 quintals of food from the Surkhet office and 700 quintals from the food branch Mugu for the Pulu Depot this fiscal year.

Basudev Sharma, the proprietor of the Sharma Transport Service, was transporting Japanese rice from Surkhet to Bhaktapur while transporting food from Soru Rural Municipality-9 Kalai Sales Centre.

Mishra also said that he has been writing to the central office of the Nepal Food Corporation from time to time to find another option for transporting food to the Pulu depot.

Jeevan Sejuwal