Locals of Srinagar Deprived of Subsidized Food

  January 19, 2023 By: INSEC

Locals of Srinagar, Adanchuli Rural Municipality-2, are forced to buy rice at higher prices than market price due to a shortage stock of rice in the Srinagar depot.

A local, Par Bahadur Thapa, complained that the stock was emptied in dept within two hours of selling subsidized food on January 16, 2023. The amount of food grains in the depot is low in comparison to the population o that area. About three hundred households have been deprived of government-subsidized food in ward no 2.
Kummer Buda, a local, complained that even though a 30 kg sack of Aruwa medium rice costs 1,850 rupees at the depot, he was forced to buy it at an expensive price of 2,750 rupees in the market. Due to the heavy rains of last October, rice could not be harvested before Dashain due to road blockage.
Tasi Fadera, an employee of the Srinagar Depot Center, said that only a small amount of rice arrived in November.  320 sacks of 30 kg rice arrived first and the second time 317 sacks arrived. The depot office is currently empty as all the goods have been sold and distributed.
Krishna Prasad Adhikari, head of the branch office of the Nepal Food System and Trade Company Limited, said the road blockage delayed the transportation of food.

Nanda Singh