Locals of Dhanusha Deprived of Pure Drinking Water

  September 13, 2021 By: INSEC

Consumers of Janakpurdham have complained that the water supplied by the Nepal Water Supply Corporation is contaminated and they are compelled to drink the water mixed with sewage.

Ashok Sah, a resident of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan-11, said that he has been compelled to drink impure water mixed with mud and turbid soil since February 2021. Sah said that the handpump in his rented house has stopped supplying water after which he is dependant on the water supply of Nepal Water Supply Corporation but the water distributed by them has to be filtered through a cloth before drinking.

Goma Katuwal, a resident of Saraswati Tole in Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan-9, complained that Nepal Water Supply Corporation has been supplying contaminated water since February. She said that the drinking water distributed by the Nepal Water Supply Corporation is not supplied regularly in the evening and in the morning and the supplied water is impure and contaminated.

Shekhar Yadav, a resident of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan-10, said that they were bound to buy jars of mineral water for drinking after polluted water was supplied from the tap. He said, ‘We have been facing problems in bathing, washing clothes and even cooking due to the contaminated water.’ Yadav further added that the ward office and the office of the corporation have been informed several times about the problem.

Sanjeev Yadav, a resident of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan-9, said that the tap water has not been supplied regularly since the onset of summer. Yadav complained that the corporation has not shown interest in the situation.

Ram Chandra Sah, Ward Chairperson of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan-11 said that the water supplied from the taps installed by the Nepal Water Supply Corporation is muddy. He said even he is suffering through the same problem. Although the neighbours and the residents of the ward have been informing him about the problem, the ward chairperson said that he is not in the position to take any decision other than requesting as the cooperation distributing drinking water is an autonomous body.

According to Dr. Jamun Prasad Singh, Senior Pediatrician of Provincial Hospital, Janakpur drinking contaminated water causes most of the diseases impacting our digestive system. Contaminated water causes diarrhoea, cholera, and various other diseases which can cause problems in our defecation and urination and can also affect the kidneys.

Shirish Rajbhandari, Chief of the Nepal Water Supply Corporation, Janakpur, said that water could be supplied on time because of a power cut and the lack of a generator. According to him, the problem evolved due to the maintenance of Janakpur’s inner road and Janakpur-Dhalkewar road section. He further added that pipelines are damaged in different places due to the construction activities. Rajbhandari said that the pipes are destroyed when the contractor dig the road without coordination with the employees of the corporation.

Dipendra Prasad Singh