Locals Complain of Being Deprived of Pure Drinking Water

  April 3, 2021 By: INSEC

Despite the clear provision in Article 35 of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS that every citizen has the right to clean drinking water and sanitation under the right to health, 120 families of Bogtan Foodshil Rural Municipality-6 Gaguda have been deprived of clean drinking water.

Locals have been complaining about the drinking water problems in Gaguda village where Chand caste is predominant for years.

Min Bahadur Chand, a local, said that he has been facing drinking water problems for years due to a lack of a water source near the village.

He said, “Due to the lack of clean drinking water, we have to face health problems including stomach ache in the rainy season.”

Due to lack of water source around the village, people have to go to Pateli Khola, which is two hours away from washing clothes, and fetch drinking water, said local Dil Chand.

Kalawati Chand, 30, a local, said that she had to walk for two hours to reach the river at 4 in the morning.

“It’s scary to move around at night,” he said. “Sometimes tigers and bears can be seen on the road, so there is a risk of death due to water.”

Shankar BK, a local, complained that no one cared about the drinking water problem despite repeated efforts and requests from the concerned bodies.

He said, “We have repeatedly requested the representatives of the village and ward offices.” We are only assured of solving the problem. But, the problem has not been solved. ‘

Gorakh Chand, 50, said that the problem of drinking water was not only in the village but also in Mashteshwor High School, which has about 600 students.

He said, “Drinking water in Bagar Tol does not meet the demand of health posts and market areas. There is a shortage of drinking water in the village. ‘

Birend Chand, ward chairman of Bogtan Rural Municipality-5, said that the problem would be solved soon as the federal government has allocated Rs 5 million to solve the drinking water problem in the village.

He said that the problem will be solved as an agreement has been reached between the Rural Water Resources Development Office, Dadeldhura, and the rural municipality to solve the drinking water problem.

Chairman of Begtan Rural Municipality Kamal Bahadur Gadshila said that the municipality plans to solve the drinking water problem in Gaguda and other villages by investing 40 percent of the amount and 60 percent by the Rural Water Resources Development Office.

Basudev Joshi