Locals attacked Mayor, important papers of the municipality destroyed

  July 17, 2018 By: INSEC

Mayor Dhana Bahadur Bista of Bungal Municipality was attacked by the locals on July 17 and destroyed the important documents of the office. The locals pelted stones and attacked the office and padlocked the office.

Locals of ward 3 and 4 were furious on the decision of city council to shift Municipality Office from ward number 4 to 5. Locals have destroyed annual report, financial report, executive decision book and other important documents saying that the decision of the council to shift the municipality office is not acceptable.

While attempting to protect mayor, Suresh Bhandari of Bungal Municipality-4 was injured after locals pelted stones. DSP Rishi Ram Kandel said that the incident will be settled in an agreement.

Locals said that their agitation will continue until their demands are not addressed.


Ramesh Bista