Locals Accused of Beating Ward Chairperson

  January 20, 2021 By: INSEC

Raga Thapa, 48, chairperson of Adanchuli Rural Municipality-1 has been injured by the beating of locals.

Manabahadur Thapa, 33, Barun Mahatara, 30, Devi Pariyar, 27, Dhan Bahadur Pariyar, 25, and Tulbir Luwar, 26, of Adanchuli Rural Municipality -1 were accused of beating Thapa on January 19, 2021. Along with Chairperson Thapa, local of the area, Deepak Thapa, 34, and Makka Thapa, 28 were also injured, informed the rural municipality’s chairperson Dal Fadera.

According to Ward Chairperson Thapa, during the road monitoring from Thalahalna to Kalkhya, he had suggested conducting a technical survey before the arbitrary division of Srinagar road. After this, the locals had pelted stones at him.

Assistant Sub Inspector Krishna Bahadur Budha of Srinagar Police Station said that the situation was normalized after their team reached the spot after Deepak Thapa, a relative of the ward chairperson, lodged a verbal complaint at the Srinagar Police Station on January 19.

Ram Saran Thapa, in charge of the Srinagar Health Post, informed the INSEC representative that the injured head was treated at the Srinagar Health Post with six stitches and was airlifted to the District Hospital, Humla on the same day for further treatment.

Deepak Thapa of the victim side alleged that the police have not been able to control the perpetrators involved in the incident so far.

Nanda Singh