Locals Suffering due to Lack of Emergency Obstetric Service

  March 16, 2021 By: INSEC

The Kolti Primary Health Service Centre, which has been providing service to the residents of four local levels in the north-eastern region of Bajura district and some local levels of Humla, Mugu and Kalikot in Karnali. The centre has been facing problems due to lack of emergency obstetric services.

Panchakala Rokaya, 27, of Himali Rural Municipality-1 was rushed to the health post by her relatives on February 28 after her labour period started. She was referred to Kolti Primary Health Centre on March 1 after they attempted for the delivery at the health post.

Her husband Bikram Rokaya expressed in grief that she had to be rushed to the District Hospital, Bajura after they failed to deliver in Kolti Primary Health Centre.

Dr. Raju Raj Jaishi, head of Kolti Primary Health Centre, said that the patients had to be referred to the district hospital as there was no emergency obstetrician at the health centre.

Raj Bahadur Bhandari, health coordinator of Himali village, said that he had written to the District Administration Office, Bajura to airlift the pregnant woman but it was too late so the family members of the patient took her in the stretcher.

Lalsari Budha, 22, of Himali Rural Municipality-3, Una, expressed her grief that she had to give birth to a dead child due to untimely delivery in July.

She said that she had given birth to a stillborn baby four days later and regained consciousness after 24 hours.

Himali Rural Municipality-3 is a five-day walk from the Una headquarters.

Jhalakala Bhandari, 34, of Himali Rural Municipality-5, Rugin, expressed her grief over the fact that she had to give birth in December last year due to a lack of effective maternity services in the health posts operating at the local level.

She said that his baby died as it took him three days to reach the district hospital, Bajura, via Kolti Primary Health Center after the patient reached the health post due to maternity illness.


Ambakala Rokaya, 23, of Budhinanda had died due to excessive bleeding after delivery last September.

According to an agreement between Karnali Science Academy, Jumla, Budhinanda Municipality and Kolti Primary Health Centre were to regularize emergency obstetric services, doctors were brought from Karnali Science Institute but there was a problem in operating the obstetric services after the doctors returned after less than a week.

Even though people from Kalikot, Humla and Mugu districts come to Kolti Primary Health Centre for maternity services, they have to be referred to the district headquarters or other districts due to the inability to provide emergency services at the health centre, said Raju Raj Jaishi, head of the health centre.

According to Jaishi, only two or three people come to Kolti Primary Health Centre daily for maternity services and five to seven people with health complications are referred to other places regulary.

Deputy Chief of Budhinanda Municipality, Shrishti Regmi, said that effective services could not be provided to the locals due to lack of anesthesia and skilled doctors for emergency obstetric services.

He said, “Only technical support has been sought from Karnali Science Academy.” Doctors were also hired for six months from the federal government’s program and the municipal budget. However, due to lack of anesthesia, the maternity service could not run smoothly.

Due to the lack of maternity facilities in the health centers, the locals of the area have to travel to the district headquarters, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi to get maternity services.

Padam Bahadur Singh