Local level Judicial Committee Becoming Effective in Dispute Resolution

  August 16, 2023 By: INSEC

The local-level judicial committee is proving effective in resolving disputes. Fulkumari Thanet, Deputy Mayor of Kawasoti Municipality and Coordinator of the Judicial Committee, stated that this committee has played a vital role in providing access to justice by settling disputes within its jurisdiction.
During the fiscal year 2022/023, a total of 181 complaints were lodged with the Judicial Committee of Kawasoti Municipality. Of these, Coordinator Thanet reported that 91 cases have been successfully resolved through reconciliation, while 69 are currently undergoing the resolution process.
Among the registered complaints, five unresolved disputes have progressed to the court process. Coordinator Thanet, who also oversees the judicial committee in Tameli, noted that 16 cases were scheduled for reconciliation, but the parties involved did not engage.
In the previous financial year, the highest number of cases, totaling 49, were related to transactions. Additionally, 48 disputes were related to land, 33 to family matters, 19 to road issues, and 13 were concerning roads.
Coordinator Thanet emphasized on the importance of resolving registered complaints through reconciliation within the judicial committee, emphasizing its role in fostering social harmony and facilitating smoother conflict resolution.
Yuvraj Gaire, a member of the Kawasoti Municipal Judicial Committee, highlighted that this approach enables justice to be delivered to individuals who may otherwise struggle to access the legal system. He remarked that the court process can be complex and expensive, whereas the judicial committee offers a simpler path to dispute resolution.

INSEC Gandaki Province Office