Local Election 2079- Violation of Code of Conduct

  May 6, 2022 By: INSEC

It has been found that the activists and candidates of the political parties have used propaganda materials and children against the election code of conduct for the local level election to be held on May 13 in the districts of Madhes. The Election Commission has started removing the propaganda materials posted against the Election Code of Conduct by deploying security personnel. In Dhanusha, polling stations have been reduced and polling stations have been added for the local level election.

According to Saptari Representative Manohar Kumar Pokhrel, the Office of the Chief Election Officer, Saptari, has started removing the flex banners, flags and posters hung by the political parties in violation of the Election Code of Conduct. Despite repeated requests from political parties to remove banners and posters against the code of conduct, the parties have not shown any interest. Told. INSEC Saptari had been drawing the attention of the Chief Election Officer’s Office and the Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office with evidence saying that propaganda was being spread against the code of conduct. Article 12 (J) of paragraph 4 of the Election Code of Conduct, 2078 states that party flags, party or candidate election symbols should not be placed or pasted in public buildings, public parks, public road poles or any other public place.

According to Dhanusha representative Dipendra Prasad Singh, Janata Samajwadi Party’s Bateshwar rural municipality chairperson candidate Raj Kishor Mahato and ward chairperson candidate Shrawan Kumar Mahato, of CPN-M, has organized a door-to-door program with the children by providing free umbrella workers with the election symbol on May 5.

The security personnel have started removing the propaganda materials hanging in Dhalkewar and other places against the election code of conduct.

Polling stations have been reduced and polling stations have been added in the district for local level elections. According to Shridhar Panthi, chief of the Election Office, Dhanusha, out of 326 polling stations in the 2074 election, 323 polling stations have been set up for the upcoming election.

According to Sarlahi representative Budhan Sah, the Nepali Congress has been found hoisting flags at the Krishna Temple near the Bazaar Bridge in Godaita Municipality-8 and the People’s Socialist Party at the Mahadev Temple in Haripurwa Municipality-4 against the election code of conduct.

Similarly, political parties including UML, Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist Center, People’s Socialist Party, Loktantrik Samajwadi Party, CPN-U Socialist Party, RPP, Janamat Party and Nepal Loktantrik Party have put up election flags and stamps on the road poles.

Similarly, the main political parties and Jaspa Party organizations have been marching in the district headquarters Malangwa on May 5 in violation of the election code of conduct by putting election banners on Indian vehicles and tempos.

Similarly, in Haripurwa Municipality and Parsa, locals have complained that People’s Socialist Party cadres have pasted election signs and candidate posters in temples violating the code of conduct.

INSEC Madhes Province Office, Janakpur