Local Consumers Forced To Drink Contaminated Water

  October 2, 2023 By: INSEC

Local consumers in the District Headquarters Silgadi are forced to drink contaminated water.

Despite coliform bacteria being detected in both the water source and the supplied water to consumers, the local residents have been consuming the same contaminated water containing these coliform bacteria for a long period.

The District Public Health Office in Doti collected water samples and conducted tests, revealing that all samples were contaminated with bacteria typically found in human excrements. Additionally, the water consumed by the residents exhibited extreme turbidity.

Nirmal Ojha, the lab assistant, confirmed that coliform bacteria were detected in the water samples obtained from the stream in Machentola, the water tank in Silgadi, and the water consumed by residents.

He remarked, “We cannot identify the source of the fecal contamination in the water.” Nevertheless, coliform bacteria have indeed been detected in the drinking water supplied to local consumers.

Ramchandra Dhami, head of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Committee, Doti, said that chlorine is being used to prevent the increase in coliform levels although coliform has been found in the water source coming to the district headquarters, Silgadi.

He stated, “The test results have revealed the presence of coliform bacteria in the water consumed by the residents.” We are using medicines to kill coliform (germs). The coliform found in the water may not be of humans but of animals or wild animals.

Since local consumers are ingesting water contaminated with coliform bacteria, the risk of contracting diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and various other illnesses has increased.


Prem Bahadur Bhandari