Letter To The Government Demanding Implementation of Human Rights Agenda

  December 11, 2023 By: INSEC

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the release of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Human Rights Alliance and INSEC submitted an attention letter on December 10, demanding the implementation of the Human Rights Action Plan.

Recognizing that in the course of time, the subject areas related to human rights have expanded, including the establishment of a federal democratic republic in Nepal after the promulgation of the constitution. Ensuring provisions for the principles of life, freedom, equality, and the indivisibility of social justice for all, an attention letter has been submitted for the implementation of special rights for various groups such as children, Dalits, minorities, women, senior citizens, and others.

Due to a lack in self-employment opportunities, limited awareness and education regarding local human rights issues such as caste and gender discrimination, untouchability, and the ineffectiveness at the local level, the District Coordination Committee and local authorities have been urged to implement the human rights action plan developed by the National Human Rights Commission through an official letter of attention.

The responsibility of implementing the action plan is not only a matter of organization or individuality, it is also a matter of everyone’s concern and initiative. Binod Rijal, Chairperson of the Human Rights Alliance, stated that the responsibility for coordinating the implementation lies with district authorities at the district level and local leaders at the local level.

Due to the absence of a specific program, even though the committee is scheduled to meet at least once every two months to assess the progress of its action plan, an attention letter was submitted.

The letter was handed over to Deputy Chief Kulman Bishwakarma of the District Coordination Committee in the presence of Binod Rijal, Chairman of the Human Rights Alliance,INSEC representative, and other individuals.

Sitaram Adhikari