Landslide Victims Search for Accommodation as Monsoon Begins

  June 13, 2024 By: INSEC

Thirty-three families displaced by the landslide in Gaurishankar Rural Municipality-8, Khare, are seeking temporary accommodation as this year’s monsoon begins. The landslide that occurred on August 3 last year, swept away 33 households in Khare and Bashme of Gaurishankar Rural Municipality-8, with four people being fatally buried. As this year’s monsoon rains approach, the landslide victims are seeking a safe place for temporary accommodation.

Ram Tamang, a landslide victim from the Salle residential area, said that since the government did not provide permanent housing even after a year, all 33 households are looking for safe, temporary housing. He added that despite the presence of three levels of government, none of them have helped the victims in their suffering.

Ward Chairperson Dawarinji Sherpa stated that despite considerable efforts at the local level, the relocation of the settlement has not been successful. Sherpa further stated that alongside relocating the settlements, there should also be provisions for livelihood support for the landslide victims. He pointed out that achieving this goal is challenging with efforts solely from the ward and rural municipality.

Chairperson Biswas Karki of Gaurishankar Rural Municipality stated that they have made all possible efforts to provide permanent shelter to the victims. However, he also expressed concern that the relevant authorities are neglecting this matter. Chairperson Karki further emphasized that managing the landslide victims solely with the resources of the local government is not feasible. Despite making repeated requests to the District Disaster Management Committee, Provincial Office, and National Disaster Risk Management Authority, there has been no response.


Uddab Pokharel