Lack Of Rabies Vaccine Possessed  Problems For The  Patients

  September 8, 2023 By: INSEC

The shortage of rabies vaccine caused problems at the Madhyabindhu District Hospital in Nawalpur. The scarcity of the vaccine is also seen  in the District’s Government Health Institutions.

According to Dr.Kamalraj Neupane, Medical Superintendent, Madhyabindu District Hospital, the hospital could not provide the vaccine service unless the rabies vaccine is available in the hospital. The hospital issued a public notice informing that there is a shortage of rabies vaccine. According to Chabilal Subedi, Information Officer,Madhyabindu District Hospital, Chhabilal 300 vials of vaccine were being consumed monthly in the hospital. The service holders are facing difficulties with the lack of vaccines.

Ramakrishna Pudasaini, Kawasoti-3, a resident and a social leader, expressed that the vaccines should be given immediately after being bitten by a dog or any other animal. He said that the vaccine should be available in the hospital anytime since such incidents happen all of a sudden and cannot be said when it will be necessary.

Subedi said that the vaccine  arrives through the Division of Epidemiology and communicable disease control to the Provincial Health Supply and Management Centre and they bring it from there. He added that the problem is the vaccination is not coming there as well and they are unsure when the vaccine will arrive and when the service will resume.

The vaccine against rabies is also distributed by Chormara Primary Health Center, Dumkauli Primary Health Center, Gaindakot City Hospital and Rakuwa Primary Health Center, Dedhgaon along with Madhyabindu District Hospital.

INSEC Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara