Lack of nutritious food Affecting children in prison

  September 13, 2016 By: INSEC

There has been a shortages in nutritious food for the dependent children of women inmates in the district prison of Morang.

The shortages is due to the government being unable to provide nutritious food to the dependent children and those born inside the prison.

Cell guard Jannat Khatun of Women cell said that state has announced to give daily necessity consumption goods such as rice and money to the prisoners however due to the lack of nutritious food to the children, they are facing motor skill development.

There are four dependent children in the prison and one woman is pregnant according to Khatun. There should be a separate management for the children according to inmate Chandra Rai.

Inmate Kavita Rai complained that there has been a problem of proper dietary in the prison. She added that she could not get nutritious food while giving birth to a baby boy two years ago. She is worried about the development of her child as he is not getting a nutritious food.

Health personel of the prison, Anjani Pokhrel said that due to the lack of nutritious food, children and pregnant women are facing problem in the prison.


Indira Bhattarai