Lack of Medicines and Health Workers at the Health Post

  January 17, 2023 By: INSEC


Locals have complained regarding the shortage of medicines and health workers at the Yarsa Health Post in Naukunda Rural Municipality-1.
Budhram Tamang of Yarsa said despite the government-funded free medical treatment in health institutions, the locals are being untreated because of a lack of medicines. The health center lacks basic medicines for fever and joint pain. The health workers rarely come in time to the health centers. The beneficiaries have complained that they have not received the medicines that were supposed to be free.
There is also a shortage of SBA-trained staff for safe delivery in 5 Birthing Centers across Naukunda Rural Municipality.
Even though the Nepal government will provide 35 types of medicines free of cost from the health posts, the locals are in trouble due to the lack of medicines.
Due to the transfer of SVA-trained employees, there is a shortage, so the rural municipality has started regular work by hiring health workers on contract.
Anaprasad Poudel, head of the Health Branch of Naukunda Rural Municipality, said that they have made arrangements to deliver medicines as soon as the report of the medicine shortage was submitted. The branch has also contacted Provincial Public Service Commission to assign workers to the vacant post.

Hemnath Khatiwada