Lack Of Manpower In Infectious And Communicable Disease Hospitals Resulted Problem In Operating Dialysis Services

  September 3, 2023 By: INSEC

There is a lack of manpower to run the dialysis service center at the Infectious and Communicable Disease Hospital in Pokhara Metropolitan City-31. Recently, a 25-bed dialysis center has been established for dialysis services in the hospital under the Gandaki provincial government, however,due to lack of necessary manpower, it is difficult for patients to get treatment.

Dr. Vikas Gauchan,Medical superintendent of the hospital said that 33 patients could be served in one day, by bringing the dialysis machine into operation. However, due to lack of manpower, it could not be fully operated. According to him, there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Dr. Gauchan stated that “manpower in our hospital is insufficient” although the Gandaki state administration intends to reduce the number of individuals waiting for dialysis services to zero. Gauchan explained that, even if 20 nurses have been requested to extend the hospital’s service, there is a duty to run the wards and emergency rooms with that number of employees. He also says that even though new employees are being recruited from September 18, 10 more nurses are needed.The hospital has asked 35 extra personnel to run other treatments such as dialysis including doctors, nurses, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.

The number of patients receiving dialysis services is increasing as the number of kidney disease patients in the hospital increases, but health equipment is limited. According to the provincial Ministry of Health and Social Development, currently 576 patients in the province are receiving dialysis services. Similarly, 300 people are on the waiting list for services and must pay outrageous fees in private hospitals.

 INSEC Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara