Lack of Land-ownership certificate deprived victims from grant

  September 12, 2016 By: INSEC

One hundred thirty seven earthquake victims of Attarapur VDC-8 have been deprived from receiving grant agreement for reconstruction due to lack of having land-ownership certificate.

According to local people, there was a clash between communist and Pradhan Pancha at the time of cadastral survey in 1985 due to which the government land survey and measurement was obstructed.

The government’s policy on providing relief only to those victims who have land- ownership certificate has deprived them from receiving a grant amount according to local, Kamal Shrestha.

He said, the problem was created due to the lack of initiative even after the establishment of multi-party system despite of several request made.

According to District Liaison Office and Coordinator Bhuwaneshor Lamichhane, 137 homes in ward no. 8 were deprived of grant due to lack of land-ownership certificate.


Natibabu Dhital