Lack of Lactation Rooms Pose Problems to Breast-Feeding Mothers

  June 1, 2023 By: INSEC

New mothers and postpartum women of District Administration Office Parsaare facing problems due to the lack of a Lactation room.


A new building with facilities has been built at The District Administration Office is newly constructed with a construction budget of 70 million rupees. However,  the building has excluded lactation rooms for new mothers. According to them, women who visit the office for services find it uncomfortable to breastfeed their children as they wait for the official procedures to complete within the building.

Rima Patel, 22, of Pokhara Municipality-5, said that she had to face a lot of problems due to the shortage of lactation rooms. She complains that the service is slow and she had to visit the office two days continuously for her documents to be processed. take the service. Moreover, being a new mother she needs to accompany her baby and she is struggling to find space to feed her baby within the office premises.

It is mentioned in the law that lactation rooms should be arranged in public and private organizations. However, most of the government and non-government organizations in the Parsa district do not have this arrangement. Women’s rights activist,  Lakshmi Upreti, complains about the negligence of the administration by not including a lactation room in a newly constructed building.

Although breastfeeding is the right of the newborn and the mother’s duty, women are forced to breastfeed uncomfortably in the open due to the lack of organized rooms.

Upreti said that they have demanded the construction and operation of breastfeeding rooms in all public offices of the district.


Krishna Chandra Lamicchane