Lack of Health Workers in Prisons, Problems in Treating Prisoners.

  January 15, 2023 By: INSEC

The prisoners in Arghakhanchi prison are troubled due to the lack of health workers in Arghakhanchi prison. The prisoners have to go to the District Hospital to the district hospital for regular health check-ups and medicines.

The jail has a capacity of 40 prisoners, 15 women, and 25 men. However, there are 72 inmates/prisoners assigned to the prison. There are eight women and 64 men.

The prison has 17 inmates/detainees with complex mental illnesses, three taking depression medication, and 14 with minor mental illnesses. Similarly, there are three senior citizens, two men, and one woman.

According to Rachana Budathoki, there are 14 chronic patients. Three detainees are imprisoned due to a lack of timely resolution of their court case. About 28 prisoners voted in the recent election.

Budhathoki said that because there are more prisoners than capacity this has resulted in various problems for the prisoners including a lack of space to sleep. The issue will be mitigated after the construction of a new building.

Kul Bahadur Nepali