Lack of health Workers in Health Post: Difficulty in Maternity

  August 8, 2016 By: INSEC

Binasi Dangi,32 of Tatopani VDC-5, Dangiwada was rushed to the health post for maternity service on August 7 however, there were no health workers in berthing centre of the health post. She gave a birth to a baby in an open space outside the hospital.

She was rushed to the health post, which is one kilo meter away from the house, after having a labor pain. The health post was closed and in birthing centre there were no one and she gave birth to a baby near open space said Khadga Bahadur Dangi, Binasi’s relative.

Right to health is a basic Human Rights however Binasi was deprived of that right said Dangi.

Acting public health officer Prithvi Nath Yogi said that it is mandatory to have health official in birthing center. He further said that investigation on why there were no health officials in the centre on that day will be initiated.

In that health post, one AHA, two AHW, two nurses and one helper are working as per their post.

Man Datta Rawal