Lack of Deworming Medicine in Shanigau Health Post from One Month

  July 21, 2022 By: INSEC

There is a lack of deworming medicine in the Shanigaon health post of Sinja Rural Municipality in the northern part of Jumla. Consumers have complained that there is a problem at the health post due to the lack of deworming medicine for a month.

During the Monsoon season diseases caused by worms and diarrhoea are very prevalent. The local elderly lady Shanti Budha complained that during monsoon, the water becomes contaminated and people are compelled to drink the water. She further added that such water causes worms and you have to take medicine for curing it. But there is a lack of deworming medicine in the health post.

According to the in-charge of the health post, Ramesh Rawal, it has been more than a month since the medicine for deworming has run out. We have requested the health branch of the rural municipality but it has not been supplied. We have not been able to provide the medicine for deworming despite the demand from the patient.

He further added that around 15 to 20 patients visit the health post daily. But he said that there is a problem due to a lack of medicine for deworming. He said that the physical structure of the health institution has become easier due to the construction of a new building. Water and toilet facilities are also available in the rural municipality. It would be better if maternity allowance was given immediately after delivery however it is given towards the end of the financial year. He said that in the last fiscal year, 92 women who gave birth were given incentives at the end of the year.

According to Sinja rural municipality’s chairperson Purna Prasad Dhital, we have told the health branch to understand the issue of lack of medicine. He said that the local elections have just ended and we have allocated the budget for the new financial year. Essential medicines will soon be available in health post.

Maternity allowance is given at the end of the year. But we have created a fund of NPR 100,000 rupees to distribute the incentive allowance in time after the arrival of the new representative. He said that we have prepared to provide nutrition allowance on time from the same fund.

Mandatta Rawal