Lack Of Desks and Bench, Students Sit on Floor

  June 12, 2023 By: INSEC

The students of Deval Basic School Tumcha, Sarkegad Rural Municipality-1, were forced to sit on the floor during classes for the past four years due to a lack of desk benches.

Manish Khadka, a student of class 6, complained that since the school could not arrange desks and benches in the classrooms, they had to sit on the floor to study.

Kali Bahadur Rawat, the School principal, informed there is an availability of desk benches in classes 7 and 8. However, students up to class 6 have been studying on the floor. The desk benches in those two classes of the school were also built with the efforts of the parents.

Despite, the newly constructed school building, the students are studying on the floor for four years due to the lack of desks and benches in, said Principal Rawat. Students bring a piece of wood or a stone from home to sit on. There are 220 students studying in the school.

Headmaster Rawat complained that none of the governmental and non-governmental agencies have responded to their needs and demands regarding proper desks and benches for the students.

When Chandra Singh Karki, Vice President of the Rural Municipality was informed about the issue, he said that the Rural Municipality had requested the provincial government for the budget for the school and the Rural Municipality would also support it as much as possible.

Nanda Singh