Lack of Beds in Hospital, Patients Sleeping on Ground

  August 30, 2023 By: INSEC

Due to a surge in cases of dengue, scurvy, and viral fever, the district hospital is facing a shortage of beds, leading to patients being treated on the ground floor of the facility. Hospital authorities have noted a significant increase in patients with symptoms of dengue, scurvy (typhus), and viral fever, including joint pain, tingling in the extremities, sore eyes, low blood pressure, and high fever.

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Tika Luintel, the emergency in-charge of the hospital, reported that the emergency department is currently receiving 70 to 80 patients daily, most of whom are dengue, scurvy, and viral fever cases. However, due to the shortage of beds, patients are being treated on the ground floor.

The hospital’s outpatient department (OPD) is also experiencing a high patient load, with around 375 patients visiting daily. Unfortunately, the hospital’s capacity is limited, and there are only 11 beds available in the emergency department. As a result, patients who come to the emergency department have to be accommodated on the floor due to the lack of beds.

Between July 10 and August 27, a total of 41 people were confirmed to have dengue, and 24 were diagnosed with scurvy. Among these cases, 10 dengue patients and five scurvy patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Maya Thewe, a patient from the district, expressed her discomfort at not being able to find a bed. Despite the high patient load, the hospital management is working to ensure that all patients receive treatment within the facility and are not referred elsewhere.

The district health office has reported that a total of 203 cases of dengue infection have been confirmed in the district so far. The situation underscores the strain on healthcare facilities during outbreaks of infectious diseases and the need for timely and appropriate medical response to address such situations.

Manoj Adhikari