Kathmandu Protest: A Relatively Peaceful Protest, Yet Not Without Some Disruptions

  November 24, 2023 By: INSEC

INSEC’s report on the November 23 protests in Kathmandu highlighted a prevailing atmosphere of peace. Dr. Kundan Aryal, INSEC’s Chairperson, commended the collaborative efforts of security forces and protesters for maintaining overall tranquility during the event. The monitoring team, led by Dr. Aryal, closely observed activities in Balkhu and Tinkune.


Key points from their observations include:

  • The protest started slightly later than scheduled, commencing around 11 AM.
  • Stringent security measures were evident in Tinkune, Koteshwar, Balkhu, Kalanki, and nearby areas.
  • Despite initial clashes involving stone-pelting in Balkhu upon the arrival of Youth Association workers, subsequent incidents were limited.
  • Transportation through certain areas was disrupted, with movement halted from Kalanki to Kalimati and Sanepa via Balkhu.
  • Police intervention occurred when a group of Durga Prasai supporters tried to enter Kalimati from Balkhu, resulting in water cannons and tear gas being used. This led to injuries sustained by several individuals from both sides, currently receiving treatment at Vayodhya Hospital in Balkhu. Additionally, Nepal Police personnel were injured during the clash, as reported by SP Kumod Dhungel, the spokesperson for District Police Complex Kathmandu.
  • Observations noted distinctive attire among the protesters, with Durga Prasai’s group distributing red t-shirts featuring ‘RTF’ and a crown emblem, while the Youth Association demonstrators predominantly wore caps bearing their organization’s logo and name.
  • Both groups prominently displayed the national flag during the protests.

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