Kathmandu Police Captured over 50 individuals from various places in Kathmandu

  November 25, 2023 By: INSEC

The Kathmandu police captured over 50 individuals from diverse locations across kathmandu who were reportedly involved in the citizens’ campaign led by Durga Prasai. The designated protest area being Balkhu, demonstrators going to Tinkune were apprehended from various areas including Tinkune, Garigaon, Sundhara, Thapathali, Futung, and other key points.

Those taken into custody include Meena Shahi, Angnima Sherpa, Savitri Chhetri, and several others. The detained individuals are currently held at the newly constructed Bhadrakali facility within the District Police Complex, Kathmandu, as confirmed by SP Kumod Dhungel, the spokesperson of the District Police Complex Kathmandu. Dhungel stated that following due interrogation, those arrested will be released.

The INSEC team observed the intended protest site in Tinkune and Durga Prasain’s residence in Bhaktapur. During monitoring, it was found that police, under the pretext of controlling the crowd, apprehended individuals from cafeterias claiming they were participating in protests. The team saw that those arrested exhibited distress, with instances where individuals wearing traditional attire or even individuals found using social media were detained under suspicion of anti-government sentiments.

Furthermore, a 30-year-old electrician, Kumar Periyar, from Sarlahi, was captured from his rented room in Tinkune under allegations of involvement in the protests. Local residents intervened, pressuring the police to release Kumar, highlighting the absurdity of the arrests.

At Prasai’s residence in Bhaktapur, the INSEC team noted an extensive deployment of the Special Task Force of Nepal Police, hindering Prasai’s mobility during the day. DSP Basant Pathak confirmed the deployment of 300 security personnel across Bhaktapur and its neighboring areas to ensure Prasain’s safety.

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