Karnali Province Government Initiated ‘Daughter Banking Account’ Program

  December 17, 2019 By: INSEC

Government of Karnali Province has initiated Daughter Banking Account from 17th December 2019. According to the current fiscal year’s policy and program of the Province government, every girl child born in this province will have a Daughter Banking Account as informed by the Karnali Province’s Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi inaugurated this program by opening accounts on 17th December for two girl infants born this mid-July in Kalikot Khadachakra Municipality, said Dhruba Budhathoki, Press Advisor of the Chief Minister.

According to Keshav Upadhyay, Information Officer of the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, this program is operated to stop the increasing sex-selective abortion and domestic violence, to end discrimination of daughters and also to increase their access to education.

The Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers has allocated the budget of around 70 Million for the Daughter Banking Account which will be provided by the Ministry of Social Development, informed Upadhyay. Under this program, every daughters born after mid-July of this year will have Rs. 1000 in her account and monthly Rs. 500 will be deposited until they turn 20. After 20 years, they will receive the total sum of Rs. 200 thousand including interest.

If those girls do not complete their secondary education and get married before the age of 20, they will not receive the allocated sum, informed The Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

Durga Thapa