Karnali Province Government Announced Public School Policy And Program: ‘Learning, Earning, Studying’

  June 7, 2023 By: INSEC

The Karnali Province Government has introduced the policy and program for the next financial year 2023/2024 and has promoted the concept of ‘Reading, Earning And Learning’ in public schools.

Tilak Pariyar, Province Chief, while presenting the policy and program for the next fiscal year 2023/2024 on June 4, said that the concept of ‘Reading, Earning And Learning’ has been put forward to bring education to all children.

In this way, a ‘one district, one model school’ program will be conducted to emphasize technology-friendly education. The government has launched this program with a plan to make technology-friendly teaching and learning effective through the Public Education Reform Campaign.

The program of starting teaching and learning through digital boards has been taken forward in community schools by establishing a Digital Teaching Center in Birendranagar for the quality of education.

The policy and the program mention that it will support the infrastructure construction of ‘one school, and one health worker, and the declaration of being fully literate will be continued.

The policy and the program have decided on the next financial year with the slogan ‘Education, health, and infrastructure for employment’. Creating 10,000 job opportunities every year and implementing the Projects for Prosperity campaign to end poverty.

Similarly, the provincial government has also decided to arrange capital to run businesses for the livelihood of the martyred families, injured, and people with disability during the people’s movement to get to Karnali Pradesh.

The provincial government has prioritized the management of infrastructure, manpower, and equipment to make the health sector qualitative, efficient, and accessible. The province government has announced the next financial year as the year of public health examination. The policy and program state that services for managing the necessary equipment and manpower for specialist services such as dialysis, dentistry, physiotherapy, eye, etc will be provided.

It also mentions the earlier plans of developing the Provincial Hospital as a referral Hospital providing heart, cancer, and dialysis services and a teaching hospital for MBBS and MD studies.

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Prabha Kumari Rawat