Karnali Province Documents 496 Victims of Human Rights Violations and Abuses

  February 19, 2023 By: INSEC

In 2022, INSEC recorded 496 victims of human rights violations and abuses in Karnali province. The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) of Karnali Province publicized the information in a press conference in Surkhet, on 19 February. The statistics include the number of victims of human rights violations and abuses in each district of Karnali.

Among the recorded victims, 33 victims, including 4(female) and 29 (male) were of human rights violations, and 463 (victims), including 320 (female) and 135 (male) were of human rights abuses. INSEC publicized the documentation of 15 victims of beating by the state and one death in custody

Similarly, in 2022, there were 111 victims of beatings, and 16 victims including 13 (female) and three (male) of killing. There were 80 victims of child rights violations. The report indicated that, compared to last year, the cases of child trafficking and sexual abuse remain the same as last year. The data showed 121 women and girls victims of 88 cases of rape, 11 cases of attempted rape, and 22 cases of sexual abuse. INSEC Karnali Province Coordinator Narayan Subedi commented on the lack of public awareness regarding violence against women.

The data also presents the critical condition of prisons in the province. According to the report, there are more prisoners than the capacity of the prison, forcing the prisoners to sleep by taking turns.

According to the report documented, 12 victims of child marriage, three victims of trafficking and trafficking, one victim of corporal punishment at school, 49 victims of rape, 14 victims of sexual abuse, and one victim of infanticide.

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Prabha Kumari Raut