Kamiya Freedom Movement Leader Dukhuwa Tharu Passes away

  October 29, 2016 By: INSEC


Kamaiya Freedom movement leader, Human Rights activists and  Social justice campaigner Dukhuwa Tharu has passed away on the evening of October 28. He breathe his last breath at his home in Dodhari VDC-1.

He was well-known not only in mid-western region but nationwide on his contribution to the freedom of Kamaiya, poor farmers and squatters. He was leading those poor people and raising their voice for their freedom.

Dukhuwa Tharu was born in a poor family in 1948 and was compelled to live as a bonded laborer from his childhood and was deprived of education. From the childhood he started to fight against the inequality and never stopped raising his voices.

He started to raise voices and spread awareness for the freedom of bonded labor, poor and surpressed community in 1989 movement.

Even in a later part of his life, he was continiously raising voices for the Human Rights and Social justice. He was honored with Prakash Human Rights award by INSEC on 31st July 2008 for his special contribution on Human Rights and social justice.

Tharu, who was also a board member of INSEC, was cremated on October 29 as per Tharu rituals. The human rights activists, INSEC mid-western regional coordinator Bhola Mahat, locals, representatives from civil society and many others had paid a final tribute to Dukuwa Tharu. INSEC mid-regional coordinator Mahat praised his contribution on social justice and human rights of the people.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary