Interaction program on reforming justice process

  July 17, 2017 By: INSEC

An interaction program has been organized in Dhangadi on July 17 on the occasion of International Justice Day. The program was based on the reformation of justice process and remedies for its improvement. The program was organized by INSEC regional office of Dhangadhi.Photo20170717Kailali

Speaking at the program, advocate Rajendra Bahadur Saud presented a base line report on problems seen in justice delivery and remedies of its improvement.

Women Rights Activists Sabitra Ghimire said that there is a problem on not implementation of verdict given by the court, problem for rape victims on getting compensation. She added that justice delivery is only easy for those who have access.

Speaking at the program, INSEC regional coordinator Khadga Raj Joshi said that due to the lack of skilled manpower and political influence in investigation, justice delivery is facing difficulties.

District Judge Dhan Singh Mahara said that citizens are also responsible to some extent as they need to improve illegal practices. He added that justice is possible only through the coordination with police or administration.


Rabina Chaudhary