Interaction between Norwegian Embassy Delegation and Civil Society Representatives

  December 7, 2022 By: INSEC

The Norwegian Embassy’s representative team interacted with the civil society representatives of Banke district on December 6.

During the discussion, Kamala Pant, head of Abhiyaan Nepal, said that only civil society tends to focus on physical violence against women and disregards mental, social, and political violence against women.

Secretary of the High Court Bar Association, Padam Pandey, said that emphasis should be placed on economic, social, cultural and political rights and noted that the association should keep a record of the impact of its work.

Officer of the National Human Rights Commission, Dwarika Adhikari, said that they collaborate with various organizations in the diverse field of Human Rights. The Commission handles reports on child marriage, domestic violence, rape, and dowry. In such cases, the safety and security of the victims is a considerable challenge, along with justiciability.

Advocate Basant Gautam said that the stakeholder should divert their attention to the children’s correctional homes where the number of children exceeds its infrastructural capacity.

The head of Committee Nepal, Keshav Nepali, said that the number of individuals in the Dalit community who are deprived of state facilities due to the lack of birth registration and citizenship is high.

Parina Chaudhary, who has been working on the rights of the third gender, said that society has still not accepted homosexuals.

Likewise, the Norwegian team discussed and shared experiences with the observers of INSEC, who supervised the recently concluded House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections.

Norwegian embassy representatives Andera Silkoset and Anela Khan, INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam, management head Shubhechchya Khadka, and Lumbini province coordinator Bhola Mahat were present in the discussion.

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Laxmi Tharu