Interaction between INSEC and Commission completed 

  June 22, 2022 By: INSEC

INSEC has been demonstrating significant contribution in the field of human rights, said Mihir Thakur, the member of Human Rights Commission.

He cast that remark on the discussion program between the team led by Chairperson of INSEC, Dr. Indira Shrestha and the team led by Member of NHRC , Mihir Thakur.

Reminiscing INSEC’s campaign and protest led by INSEC for the formation of National Human Rights Commission, he appreciated the works done by INSEC during the time of conflict.

He stated, ‘INSEC, which has remained synonymous to the human rights movement is now recognized not just Nationally, but also at the International spheres. These are all the fruits of INSEC’s deeds.

Member Thakur informed that the commission will collaboratively work with Human rights institutions like INSEC to take the human rights movement to new heights.

Chairperson of INSEC, Dr. Indira Shrestha said that many victims have been able to get justice based on the cases documented by INSEC.

Iterating how INSEC and the commission has been working collaborative since its inception, she further talked about the prospects of collaborations in the days to come in order to strengthen contribution in the field of human rights and social justice while

Executive Director of INSEC, Bijaya Raj Gautam informed about the campaigns of INSEC along with the programs run by the institution.

In the course of discussion, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of commission, Dr. Tikaram Pokharel stated that the documentation of INSEC is unforgettable in the field of Human Rights.


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