Interaction and Rally on the Occasion of World AIDS Day

  December 2, 2022 By: INSEC

INSEC, AIDS Society, District Police Office, Rajbiraj Municipality, Community Service Centre and others have organized a morning rally and interaction program on the occasion of World AIDS Day in Rajbiraj Municipality on December 1.

The speakers of the interaction program organized said that it is necessary to prevent the epidemic of AIDS and to end discrimination related to it. Israt Parveen, Acting Mayor of Rajbiraj Municipality, said that violence and disease should not be hidden, and called for the issues of violence, sexual health and reproductive rights and reproductive health to be openly discussed.

He said that World AIDS Day addressed the inequalities and called for the prevention of AIDS and gave confidence that all kinds of inequalities can be faced.

INSEC representative Manohar Kumar Pokharel said that HIV-infected people need to be treated and not be discriminated. He said that the death rate of HIV-infected people, the rate of new HIV infections and the rate of discrimination against HIV-infected people should be reduced to zero.

Dambar Yadav of the District Health Office Saptari said that by taking regular medicines available free of cost in various government health institutions and adopting a healthy lifestyle, HIV infected people can live a long and easy life like other people.

Sunita Yadav, a nurse at Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital, Rajbiraj, said that there is a possibility of HIV infection only in children born to infected mothers if they receive infected blood if they use a needle used by an infected person to pierce them.

Manisha Simkha of OCMC said that HIV is spread by laughing, talking, sharing food and using the same towel or towel with an HIV-infected person.

In the program, Inspector Pramod Khadka, Chairperson of Community Service Centre Hitanarayan Lal Das, Nepal Journalist Federation Saptari Women Deputy Chairperson Ambika Dahal, Rajviraj Municipality Women, Children, Senior Citizens Branch Head Anita Choudhary, Sparsh Nepal Lalan Jha, Tribal Tribes Federation Advisor Priya Singh Tharu and others. He said that since the situation has been created where the infected people stay hidden and do not receive treatment, everyone should be directed towards therapeutic and counselling facilities.

Before the interaction program presided over by Pradip Lamichhane, Program Coordinator of Asahaya Samaj and welcomed by Ram Prakash Choudhary, the rally carrying various banners, slogans and symbols with red ribbons went around Rajbiraj Nagar.

As part of the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence, rallies, conferences, meetings and interaction programs are being held for 16 days under the organization of the main event committee, which includes various organizations including INSEC.





Manohar Kumar Pokhrel