Inter-Caste Marriage Under Protection of Police Office

  April 2, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

Ashish Sunar, 20, from Kapilvastu district and Nabina Paudel, 20, from the same place, had an inter-caste marriage under the protection of the police at the district police office Tanahun on April 1 . This step was taken after their parents opposed their decision for an inter-caste marriage.

They stated that they were compelled to come to the Police Office as their families did not approve of their marriage due to their caste differences. They further mentioned that they had rented a room in Byas Municipality-10. On April 1, they visited the District Police Office and briefed SP Apilraj Bohora about their circumstances.

SP Bohora confirmed that the couple’s marriage took place under police protection after verifying their ages. He added that since the marriage was not approved by the family and the age of the couple was suitable for marriage, the police supported their marriage.

Prakash Chandra Bhattarai