INSEC’s Released its Opinion on the List of Martyrs Published by Nepal Government on 13 March 2023

  March 30, 2023 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has published its opinion on the list pf Martyrs released by Nepal Government on 13 March 2023.

Names of 6,014 people enshrined under the list released by Government in Nepal Gazette were found in INSEC’s record while names of 2,456 individuals remain undetected, notes the press release issued by INSEC on 30 March 2023.

‘Among the detected names, 4,950 were killed by the State and 1,054 were killed by others,’ writes the press release signed by the Chairperson of INSEC, Dr. Kundan Aryal.


Majority of the martyrs published in gazette are form Karnali Province, numbered: 1,581. Among them, 1,262 are found in the record of INSEC.

Similarly, 843 among 1,167 declared martyrs from Koshi Province are in conformity with INSEC’s record.

Out of 709 declared martyrs from Madhesh province, only 490 are found in the record of INSEC.

On the same note, among 1,113 individuals who have been declared martyrs of Bagmati Province, 965 are documented under the INSEC victim profile.

In Gandaki province, among 686 declared martyrs, 577 are documented under the INSEC victim profile.

Among the 1,567 declared martyrs of Lumbini province, 608 are documented under the INSEC victim profile and among the 1,005 martyrs of the Sudhurpaschim, 789 are documented under the INSEC victim profile.

Similarly,50 out of 58 declared martyrs of Nawalparasi and 430 out of 584 declared martyrs of Rukum are documented under the victim profile.

‘Institution has ceaselessly been documenting the situation of human rights in Nepal since 1992. Its documentations hold qualitative and quantitative statistics of human rights violations and abuses occurred till this date. INSEC has the detailed list of people who were killed, disappeared and injured during ten-year long armed conflict (13 February 1996 to 21 November 2006)’, mentions the press release.

INSEC has published a victim profile assembling the details of the people killed, disappeared, injured and disabled in the armed conflict. It includes the details of 13,248 victims of killing and 931 of enforced disappearance.

Victim profile was taken as one of the chief sources for the Nepal conflict report published by OHCHR on 2012.

‘The list, issued by the government, doesn’t explicitly mention if the individuals killed in incidents after the peace agreement have been included as martyrs. In the past, the government had included individuals who lost their lives in fights and accidents under the list of martyrs as a means of ensuring financial assistance of 1 million rupees to the family of those individuals.’-notes the press release.



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